Rainy Lake, being one of the largest lakes (some 250,000 acres of water) in Northwestern Ontario, is an angling playground for us and all Sunset Country Outfitters guests. The three species of fish that anglers and guides target the most are big northern pike, walleye, and of course the hardest pound-for-pound fighters, smallmouth bass. Whether it be anglers targeting a specific species or multi-species anglers, Rainy Lake and Sunset Country Outfitters are considered a trophy-fishing destination for all. 

At SCO, we fish all of the North Arm basin and two of the five large water basins that make up the South Arm. These basins have hundreds of large shallow weedy bays and small islands. Combine this with miles of open water, boulder shoals mixed with sand and cabbage weed, makes for excellent habitat for all fish. This allows our guests access to the very best smallmouth bass fishing, big northern pike fishing, and trophy walleye fishing all season long. Both SCO guides and guests will agree, the most important criteria for catching trophy fish of any kind is ... location. Sunset Country Outfitters, on Campfire Island, is the perfect location, the only Rainy lake camp with easy access to both Rainy Lake’s North Arm and South Arm – literally just around the corner of the island. By angling both South and North, we are able to extend the possibilities of catching a trophy fish of any species.

At Sunset Country Outfitters, we want you to have the experience of a lifetime; starting with a hearty breakfast in our dining room. Then it’s a short walk to the dock where your boat and guide await you. Jump in, sit back, and let us take you on a Rainy Lake angling adventure you won’t forget! Enjoy lunch on the water, or bring the gang back to the dock for a freshly prepared shore lunch. Head back out for an afternoon of fishing (and work up an appetite) before you indulge in a gourmet dinner back at the dining room. We cant forget - spend the rest of the evening relaxing by the lake and take in the incredible sunset..after all, you are in Sunset Country! 

We’re Glad You’re Here!

Hope to see you soon!

- Matt & Alyssa